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EIMS Registration Information

Document ID: 2154HQ

Q: Where does EIMS store my registration number?

A: EIMS does not store the registration number. The EIMS registration number is included in the order information at the beginning of the mail you received from the company you purchased and downloaded the electronic package from (most likely This is the same piece of mail that contains the key that unlocks the electronic package to provide you with the EIMS installer. Once you have installed EIMS and completed the initial setup the EIMS Admin program will prompt you with a registration screen. To register your copy of EIMS just fill out the form complete with the registration number and it will be mailed to the EIMS registration server.

Q: I've lost my EIMS registration number. How can I find it?

A: Unfortunately, we do not have any information about your purchase. You will have to contact the company you purchased and downloaded from (most likely and have them reissue you the electronic key. They will need the credit card number used to process your order or possibly other specific information about your order.

Be sure to register EIMS as soon as you can to avoid potential problems receiving Technical Support!


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