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How to Script Multiple ETRN Commands

Document ID: 2152HQ


How can I script multiple ETRN commands in EIMS?


This document covers how to send ETRN commands to multiple queues.

When using the Dialup Manager to manage an intermittent connection it is often necessary to deliver ETRN commands to more than the one queue to receive mail destined for the domains you are hosting in EIMS. To accomplish this you can use AppleScript to issue the ETRN command for each of the queues as shown in the following example script using the Remote ETRN AppleEvent:

tell application "Dialup Manager"

     Remote ETRN "" queue ""

     Remote ERTN "" queue ""

end tell

Using this example for you would substitute the domain name of your ISP's mail server host which has been designated to queue mail for your domains as a backup mail server. For you would substitute the actual queue name your ISP is using for each domain. This is usually the mail domain name.

AppleScript can also be used to start queues on the local EIMS server. The following example script uses the ETRN AppleEvent to accomplish this:

tell application "EIMS Server"

     ETRN ""

     ETRN ""

end tell

NOTE: The examples above are to help you get started. Technical Support does not have the resources available to help you write or customize your scripts. For additional information, visit our Developer area for example applescripts, or visit the alt.comp.lang.applescript newsgroup.


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