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Filters - How to Enable

Document ID: 2150HQ


How do I set up Filters in EIMS?


To enable any of the filters, move them from the Filters (Disabled) folder to the Filters folder. If you wish to exclude IP ranges from the MAPS RBL, MAPS DUL, or ORBS filters, edit the DNS filter exclusions file and move it to the Filters folder. Excluding your local network addresses from the RBL filter will avoid delays sending mail to EIMS while the filter checks the DNS lists.

Additional information on the above filters are available from the MAPS Realtime Blackhole List, the MAPS Dialup User List, and the ORBS web site.

The Message-ID Filter will bounce any messages that have Message-ID headers that do not have an @ in them. The Advertisement Filter will bounce any messages that have a subject that starts with AD:, ADV:, or ADVERTISEMENT:.

Unsupported filters can be found on Glenn Anderson's web page.


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