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EIMS Import and Export file format

Document ID: 2149HQ

The EIMS file format is tab separated text, the fields are as follows:

user name

full name


size limit


forward address

last login time

last login IP address

Ph description

Ph title

Ph work phone

Ph fax number

Ph department

Ph work address

Ph pager number

Ph mobile number


Ph user ID

Ph business category

Ph department number

Ph employee number

Ph manager

Ph secretary

Ph work roomPh home address

Ph home phone

The Ph fields are only exported if the EIMS with Ph file type is selected.

The flags field will contain the following characters if the setting they represent is turned on:

E - account enabled

L - login enabled

A - APOP required

D - don't leave mail on server

P - don't show in Ph

C - keep copies

0 - no forwarding

1 - Forward to

2 - Save as archive

3 - NotifyMail to

4 - NotifyMail to last IP

5 - Mailing List

6 - Save as Files

7 - Auto Reply

If the flags field contains the word delete when importing a user, the user with the same name will be deleted if it exists.


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