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Updating EIMS 2.x to EIMS 3

Document ID: 2143HQ


I'm updating EIMS 3 from EIMS 2. What do I need to do?


To use the EIMS 2.x to 3.0 Updater it is required that you have EIMS 2.x installed on your system. Before beginning be sure that the EIMS server and Admin programs are shut down.

While running the installer you will be prompted to pick a location for the installation. At this point highlight the folder where EIMS 2.x is installed. This will cause the EIMS 3 components to be installed into this folder.

Alternately you can choose to install into a new folder and then later move the EIMS server application, Admin application, Filters folder, ReadMe file and EIMS 3 Admin Guide.pdf file into the EIMS 2.x folder replacing any items that already exist.

When you start the server the current mail configuration should be loaded with all domains, users, settings, etc. that were in effect previously. If you plan to use IMAP the number of connections will initially be set to zero and will need to be set in order for users to connect. A value of 4 is a good starting point.

As a precaution it is recommended that you perform a backup of the current EIMS folder prior to performing the update.


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