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Multiple/duplicate messages being received

Document ID: 2141HQ


Multiple/duplicate messages being received internally or externally.


Obtain copies of the duplicate messages complete with the email header information. Check the Message-ID header information to determine if it is same for each of the messages. Check the Received headers to find the identity of the servers used to originate and route the messages.

Things to check:

Make sure that any accounts that have mail actions of auto-reply, save-as-files, etc are using a valid file path name in the Mail Action field. Having auto-reply set for an account that receives mail from a list server could cause these problems.

Check accounts that might be set to forward to a list or group.

Analyze the files in the Mail Folder. Check the Incoming Mail n files (where n is the current number of SMTP connections set) for their size, file type, etc. If any of these files is very large in size or has a file icon that is different from the rest, they may be suspect of being malformed, damaged or corrupted. After allowing the server to process the queues as completely as possible, shut down the server and remove one or more of these Incoming Mail n files and restart the server.

Check the hard disk where EIMS is installed for disk related problems.

A combination of any of the above could cause multiple/duplicate messages to be delivered internally or to external domain.


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