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Installing Eudora on Windows 2000/XP

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Are there any changes or issues that I should know about when installing Eudora 5.x or higher on Windows 2000/XP?


I installed Eudora on Windows 2000/XP. Where are my data files?


The security model of Windows 2000/XP has required us to modify the way Eudora is installed and the way it determines where to create data files -- including mailboxes, email attachments, address books, and so on.

On a Windows 2000/XP system, only someone with Administrator privileges (hereinafter, an Administrator) can install software in the Program Files folder. Someone with User privileges (hereinafter, a User with a capital U) cannot do so. In fact, a program launched by a User can't store any data in the Program Files folder or any subfolder of Program Files. Unfortunately, earlier versions of Eudora would try to do exactly that by default; consequently, if an Administrator installed Eudora and a User tried to run it, it would fail to work properly.

With Eudora 5.x and newer under Windows 2000/XP, the default location to install the application is still under Program Files, but the data files are kept in the "User's Application Data folder" (typically "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data", where <username> is the User's login name).

Even though the installer will allow you pick a different place for Eudora to store data (Custom Data Folder), it is imperative in these environments (XP/2000) to choose the User Application Data Folder.

If only an Administrator is going to be running Eudora, the data can go anywhere at all. But if a User is going to be running Eudora, the data should go in that user's Application Data folder.

Finding the data folder

The Windows 2000/XP Application Data folder usually has the hidden attribute, which makes it invisible in Windows Explorer or My Computer (unless you've configured those tools to display hidden objects). There are good reasons, though, why you might want to explore the folder where your Eudora data is stored; in particular, the email attachments that you've received are there, in the Attach subfolder (unless, of course, you've told Eudora to store attachments elsewhere). To make this easier, Eudora creates a shortcut to your Eudora data folder in the Application Data folder's parent folder, which is typically "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>".

To find the exact location of your data in version Eudora 6.2 or higher, go to Help - About Eudora and look for the line that says Data. The file path after Data is where your Eudora mailboxes and other data files are located.


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