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Eudora Uses My Internet Connection to Check for Updates -Mac

Document ID: 2122HQ


I don't want Eudora to use my Internet connection to check for updates (Macintosh).


Eudora 4.3 and later will periodically query Eudora's upgrade server over the Internet to see if there are any upgrades available for you to download. No personal information is sent to the upgrade server during this process. If you do not want Eudora to do this, you may turn off this feature with the following:

Copy and paste the following text into a new message in Eudora.


The text you paste will show up in blue as a URL. Double click on the URL - a window will appear asking you to click Set Setting. Click Set Setting to change Eudora's setting and disable the check for updates. You may still manually check for updates from within Eudora by going to "Payment and Registration" from the Help menu and clicking on "Find the Latest Versions."

More information about how we value and protect your privacy is available in our Privacy Policy.


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