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SMTP Relay for Sending Mail (Windows)

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My Internet Service Provider requires that I use a separate authentication user name for sending mail. How do I do this in Eudora? (Windows)


In the past, the Internet standard for this kind of security on sending of mail was to send the same authentication login name for both sending and receiving email. However, several ISP's have implemented the use of a separate user name for sending and receiving email.

To set up your Eudora to send a separate user name for sending and receiving mail, you will need to create multiple personalities in Eudora - one of those personalities will be used to send mail. Follow these steps:

1. Go to the Tools menu, select Personalities. A window will appear listing your Personalities.

2. Right click and select New.

3. Create a personality which will use your user name and password as required by your ISP to send mail. Enter your name in the Real Name field, enter your email address in the Return Address field. Next, enter your sending mail user name in the User Name field, then enter your outgoing mail server in the SMTP Server field. Make sure the "Check Mail" box in the lower left hand corner is not checked if you do not wish to check mail on this email account. If you do plan on using this personality to check mail select the "Incoming Mail" tab and enter the POP server as provided by your ISP. Click "OK" when you are finished.

4. Go to the Tools menu, Options, click Sending Mail. In the "SMTP Relay Personality" field choose the personality previously set up for the SMTP relay from the menu. (None is the default.) Click "OK".

Note: All messages sent from each of your personalities will use the email address for that selected personality. It will not use the email address for the specified "SMTP Relay Personality". For example, if you bring your computer to work, you can easily change your SMTP relay to a personality which uses a different ISP to send mail through your work connection. Or you can set the SMTP relay personality to "None" so that you can send mail using the settings specified for each personality.

For a detailed tutorial on how to use SMTP Relay please visit


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