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Missing Mail / Corrupt Mailboxes (Mac)

Document ID: 2068HQ


I'm missing mail that used to be in a particular mailbox. Where did it go? Can I get it back?


I have a mailbox that I cannot open. It won't let me open it or Eudora crashes.


If you're certain that you didn't just accidentally transfer the missing mail to a different mailbox, then chances are that the mailbox has gotten corrupted. If you don't have a recent backup, you can try the following steps to recover the mail.

Firstly, don't quit Eudora. Leave Eudora running.

Open your Eudora Folder (usually found in either the System Folder or your Documents folder). Inside the Eudora Folder, open the Mail Folder.

Find the mailbox that used to have your mail. Make a backup copy of the mailbox right now - move the backup into another safe folder.

Once you've made the backup, quit Eudora and restart it. Try to open the corrupted mailbox. It should give you an error message that the mailbox needs to be rebuilt - tell it to create a new table of contents.

If the mailbox does not display your old mail or if Eudora crashes, the mailbox is irrepairably damaged or corrupted. There is one last ditch thing you can try to do to recover the mail. Quit Eudora and look for the backup of the mailbox that you put in another safe folder. Open the mailbox in a word processor, like Microsoft Word. If there's any recoverable data, a word processor may be able to read it.


Firstly, keep your In, Out, and Trash mailboxes each under 1MB in size. These three mailboxes are loaded into memory upon startup of Eudora - so if they get excessively large, you risk causing slowdowns in Eudora and mailbox corruption.

Also, remember to make regular backups of all your important data.


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