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Changing label names (Mac)

Document ID: 2062HQ


How do I change the label names - from "Essential", "Hot", "In Progress", and "Cool" - to whatever I want them to be?


The first seven listings that you find in the label menu in Eudora actually come from the Mac OS. To change the names for these labels:

  1. Click on the Finder (the icon in the change corner of your screen), and choose 'Finder'.

  2. Click on the Edit menu and choose 'Preferences'.

  3. Flip to the 'Labels' tab. You can edit the first seven label names here. When you are finished, close the window to save the changes.

NOTE: The instructions are slightly different for older versions of the Macintosh OS. If you don't have 'Preferences' available under the Edit menu, then go to your Control Panels: Labels: and make the changes there. It should also be noted that Labels are currently not available in the OS X version of Eudora, this should change when Panther is released from Apple.


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