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Can't Sync with Eudora

Document ID: 2027HQ


I can't sync with desktop Eudora. The HotSync log gives me error messages.

Sometimes when I HotSync it crashes or hangs.

My messages don't always HotSync to my Palm.


There are several solutions to this problem and a few steps you can take to solve it.


Make sure you have the current version of desktop Eudora. EIS will work with desktop Eudora 4.3.2 and higher. You can upgrade here. Be sure to register both the desktop version and the version on you Palm. HotSync will not work with non registered copies.


In order to perform a successful HotSync, check the number of messages in desktop Eudora's In mailbox. If there are over 100 messages, this can slow down the HotSync process and may cause a crash. Try transfering some messages from the desktop In mailbox to a new mailbox. In order to that, follow these directions:

  1. Select a portion of messages (all but about 50). Note: If you hold down the shift key and select the first message and the last message, all messages in the middle will be selected as well.

  2. Go to Transfer: New: name the new mailbox InHolding.

  3. Click OK, no other options need to be checked.

  4. Go to Special: Compact Mailboxes.

  5. Perform a HotSync again.

If you have messages with attachments, this can also slow down the HotSync process. Move any messages with attachments just as you did in the above step.

If you have any large messages, i.e. over 25K in size then this will slow down HotSync. Move these messages as well.

After doing these steps, try to do a HotSync. Your In mailbox should HotSync to your Palm.


If the messages do not Sync over, take a look at the file called eismlog.txt file. This is usually located in the Palm directory, under your user folder in the Eudora Mail folder.

Note: pdQ users will have a pdQmail folder.

Delete this file, and perform a HotSync again. After the HotSync is complete, open the new eismlog.txt file. It will list your most recent dialog between your desktop and your Palm. The messages that it fails on is the one preventing a successful HotSync.

You will need to go to desktop Eudora and move the message to the newly created holding file.


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