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How To Create a New Attachment Directory

Document ID: 2020HQ

Instructions for Windows and Macintosh users.

Windows Users:

  1. From "My Computer" or Windows Explorer, navigate to the directory in which Eudora is installed.

  2. Create a new folder within this directory. Remember, you should choose a name that is unique (i.e., Attach123456).

  3. Start Eudora, and select Tools -> Options. Click on the Attachments category. You should see a the "Options" dialog, and it should look like the image below:

    The old attachments directory

  4. Click on the Attachment Directory button. The "Select a directory" window will be displayed, and it should be similar to the image below:

    Selecting an attachment

  5. In the "Folders" window, navigate to the new folder and click the folder name. Click the Use Directory button.

  6. After the "Select a directory" dialog closes, the "Options" dialog should look similar to the image below.

    The Attachments Category

  7. Click OK in the "Options" dialog. Eudora will now use this directory for any new attachments you receive.

Macintosh Users:

  1. From your startup drive, navigate to the Eudora folder within your System folder. Create a new folder. Remember, you should choose a name that is unique or hard to guess.

  2. Start Eudora from the Application icon. Select Special-> Settings. Click on the Attachments category. You should see a the "Settings" dialog, and it should look like the image below:

    The Attachments Category

  3. Click on the Attachment Folder button. Click on the Desktop button and navigate to the Attachment folder you created in your System folder within the Eudora folder. In this example, we named the folder "Attachments Folder 3/99". It should look something like this:

    The Attachments Category

  4. Click the "Use Folder" button.

  5. Congratulations! You have now reset your Attachment folder. All new Attachments* you receive will be placed in this new folder. It should look similar the image below:

    The Attachments Category

  6. After the "Use Folder" dialog closes, click OK in the "Settings" dialog.

    *NOTE*. Eudora for Macintosh version 4.x has the ability to filter attachments. If you have a filter set up to do this, any new attachment will still go to the

    default folder you set up in the filter action.



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