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Filters that send messages aren't sending messages

Document ID: 2012HQ


I have a filter that is supposed to reply (or forward or redirect) a message that isn't working. The same filter with other actions, such as transfer to a different mailbox, works just fine.


There are certain messages that will not be re-sent via filter in order to prevent mail loops. A message with a Precedence: Bulk or Precedence: List header will not be forwarded. Also, any message with Errors-to: headers or List- headers will not auto-send via filtering. (You wouldn't want to reply back to a mailing list you are on and then reply back to your reply forever, now would you?)

There are two settings that control this behavior.



Change these settings at your own risk! You can set "NoAutoSendPrecendence=bulk" to allow you to automatically filter out messages that are Precedence: List, but if that causes you to create a mail loop, don't say we didn't warn you!



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