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Your mail server does not support the UIDL/TOP extension

Document ID: 1986HQ


Why do I get the message: "Your mail server does not support the UIDL/TOP extension"?


Eudora requires the UIDL extension and the server you're connecting to doesn't support it. We don't have any plans to work with servers that don't support UIDL in Eudora for reasons given below. There are many different POP servers in the world that do support it for UNIX (we have one called qpopper we give away for free).

The POP protocol has a few extensions that are optional. "UIDL" (Unique ID List) is one and "TOP" is another. In practice UIDL is very necessary to track messages as they are downloaded so as to avoid duplicates and do deletions correctly. There are techniques to work around servers that don't support UIDL, but they are inefficient and difficult to implement in particular on a Palm device so we've chosen not to do it.

If you get this error and you have previously checked mail successfully, you might try unchecking "Overlap POP3 commands" in the More Mail Checking preferences screen.


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