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Error message: Can't contact DNS server (000001212)

Document ID: 1979HQ


Why do I get the message: Can't contact DNS server (000001212).


Possible causes are:

  1. DNS (Domain Name Server) misconfigured

  2. Network connection with ISP not established correctly

  3. DNS server is down

  4. Your ISP is having problems

The first thing to do is to check your DNS configuration. If you have entered an incorrect DNS server, this is the likely error to be reported. You may also get an "Error: timeout" message. The DNS server settings are located in the Preferences -> Network panel on your Palm device - tap on Details to view the appropriate screen. These settings require technical knowledge about your network setup. If you are unsure of these settings, please contact your system administrator or ISP.

AT&T Worldnet users: If you run into a symptom of "Error looking up host: Couldn't find host:, can't contact DNS server..", make sure that the Query DNS box is unchecked in the Network preferences -> Details screen of your AT&T service. The DNS servers to be used normally are and - please check with AT&T Worldnet support if you still have problems.


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