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How do I remove unwanted headers from my messages?

Document ID: 1868HQ


How do I get rid of all the 'X-...' headers in my messages?


There are several applications out now that add potentially unwanted headers to your email messages. You can remove these by 1) Adding the specific 'header' to the list of already blocked headers OR 2) Simply hide ALL the X- headers from your messages.

Option 1) add to the list of headers that Eudora will suppress when displaying messages.

Click on this link and add (as an example) X-Nav to the list of headers to suppress. You can add as many X-Headers as you like to this list. NOTE: They MUST be separated by a comma Only.


Option 2) You can use the same link as above and simply Remove all the default entries, and replace them with the Single entry of 'X-' (without the quotes).


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