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Upgrading Eudora - No Mailboxes after Upgrade

Document ID: 1844HQ


After upgrading my Eudora, I launch the new Eudora and all my settings and mailboxes and addresses are gone.


Eudora's installer does not delete any of your personal data files so if things appear missing after an upgrade, then the new Eudora install was installed into a different directory than your previous installation.

You can find the old installation and reinstall your upgrade into the same directory where your personal data files such as mailboxes (*.mbx), settings (eudora.ini), address books (nndbase.txt and *.txt in the Nickname folder). When the Install Shield Wizard asks you what directory you would like to use for the installation, click browse and select the directory where your data files reside.

Why would Eudora default to a different directory than where you older version was installed? Eudora looks at the registry for the last install directory. If it finds one, it will install into that directory; if it doesn't find a registry entry in the correct location, it will default to installing in C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora Mail\.

NOTE to WINDOWS 2000 / XP users: The security model of Windows 2000/XP has required us to modify the way Eudora is installed and the way it determines where to create data files -- including mailboxes, email attachments, address books, and so on. If you're using Eudora under Windows 2000/XP, we recommend you read answer card #2128.

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