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Crashes When Launching a URL or Attachment (Windows)

Document ID: 1739HQ

Try each step below one at a time. If one step doesn't fix the problem, then try the next one, and so on.

In Eudora, hold down the keys CTRL and SHIFT, then go to Tools: Options. A window will appear asking if you wish to reset your options - say YES. It will make a backup of your eudora.ini file to the file eudora.sav. Now see if the problem continues.

If it crashes when launching a URL-

If you cannot open a URL, try going to Start: Run: and type in Does Windows have any problems launching URLs from Windows' default browser? If so, reinstall or update your browser application or try reinstalling it. If problems launching from the Start: Run aren't resolved by reinstalling or updated the browser, contact manufacturer of the web browser for support to fix that.

If it crashes when opening an attachment-

Try opening the attachment outside of Eudora. Quit Eudora. Then go to Start: Find: Files or Folders: and do a search for the attachment. Once it finds it, double click on it.

If it fails to open, then the problem is with the Windows file association. Go to Start: Programs: Windows Explorer. If you're on Windows 95 or NT, go to View: Options: File Types:. If you're on Windows 98, go to View: Folder Options: File Types:. Find the Windows file type that you're having trouble opening and make sure that it's set to open using the right program.

If the problem continues and you're on Windows 95/98, restart your computer in Windows Safe Mode. To learn how to restart Windows in Safe Mode, go to your Start button, select Help, and type Safe Mode. The Windows help file will explain how to restart in Safe Mode. Once in Safe Mode, try launching Eudora. If it works this way, then you may have a conflict with some other program that starts up automatically or with your video drivers. Try reinstalling your video drivers or check with the manufacturer of your video card and check for the latest drivers for it.


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