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Crashes When Checking Mail

Document ID: 1736HQ

Try each step below one at a time. If one step doesn't fix the problem, then try the next one, and so on.


Versions 4.3 and later. Hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys, then go to Tools: Options:. It will prompt you to reset your settings file - say YES. Your old eudora.ini settings file will be renamed eudora.sav - now launch Eudora and see if the problem continues.


Go to Tools: Options: Getting Attention. Uncheck the checkbox next to Play a Sound. Now try checking for mail.


Go to Tools: Options: Sending Mail. Uncheck Send on Check.


Go to Tools: Options: Viewing Mail. Uncheck Use Microsoft's Viewer and Show Message Preview Pane. Go to Tools: Options: Extra Warnings. Uncheck Start Eudora and it's not the default mailer. Click OK to save your changes.


Go to Tools: Filters:. Turn off the filters by unchecking the boxes at the top under Match (Incoming, Outgoing, Manual). Now try checking for mail. If it works, then one of the filters is causing the crash. Turn on your filters one by one until you find the culprit. Note: If you have a filter action set to Speak, it may be crashing on Upper ASCII characters.


If you're on Windows 95/98, restart your computer in Windows Safe Mode. To learn how to restart Windows in Safe Mode, go to your Start button, select Help, and type Safe Mode. The Windows help file will explain how to restart in Safe Mode.

Once in Safe Mode, try launching Eudora. If it works this way, then you may have a conflict with some other program that starts up automatically or with your video drivers. Try reinstalling your video drivers or check with the manufacturer of your video card and check for the latest drivers for it.


In the Eudora directory, look for the Spool Folder. Inside it, delete the folder for the Personality that Eudora is crashing in. Now launch Eudora and try checking for mail. NOTE: If this is successful and you are leaving mail on server, Eudora will download all your mail again.


Quit Eudora and go into the Eudora directory. Look for these files and rename them from -> to:

  • in.mbx -> oldin.mbx

  • in.toc -> oldin.toc

  • out.mbx -> oldout.mbx

  • out.toc -> oldout.toc

  • junk.mbx -> oldjunk.mbx

  • junk.toc -> oldjunk.toc

  • trash.mbx -> oldtrash.mbx

  • trash.toc -> oldtrash.toc

Now delete the file descmap.pce. Now start up Eudora and your In, Out, and Trash mailboxes will be empty. Your old mail will be stored in new mailboxes named OldIn, OldOut, OldJunk, and OldTrash.


Do a search for the file eudora.ini. Rename it to Eudora.old, then start up Eudora. Reenter your settings and see if the problem continues.


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