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Damaged Table of Contents

Document ID: 1627HQ


I get a message that "Mailbox has been changed since its table of contents was created. Do you wish to use the old table of contents or create a new one?" with buttons for "Create new", "Use old" and "Cancel."


Choose "Create new."

Mailboxes in Eudora are made up of two files, ".mbx" files which contain all your mail, and ".toc" files which are the table of contents information that you see when you have the mailbox window open inside Eudora. If the modified date on these two files is not synchronized, Eudora will want to rebuild the toc from the mailbox to make sure that what is displayed in the window is the most accurate information. If you choose "Use old" you may end up keeping old pointers to messages that aren't there or not catching pointers to new messages that should be there.

If you ever have reason to suspect that your Table of Contents file has gotten corrupted and Eudora doesn't automatically allow you to fix it, you can force Eudora to rebuild the toc file by closing the program and deleting the XXX.toc file for that mailbox, (note each mailbox will have an "XXX.toc" file and an XXX.mbx file ), don't delete the .mbx file - the .mbx has your actual mail in it!) Eudora will look at the .mbx file and create the table of contents based on the messages that it finds there.


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