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Outgoing messages are being moved to another mailbox!

Document ID: 1623HQ


Sent messages are being moved to another mailbox.


The most likely cause of this is you've created a filter that is moving your outgoing messages to another mailbox once they are successfully sent.  Open your filters window and scroll through, looking for a filter that performs a transfer to the mailbox in question.

If your messages are being transferred to the Trash mailbox after being sent, verify the following:

- If this is happening for EVERY message you send, be sure you have "Keep Copies" checked in the "Sending Mail" settings panel. Without this checked, messages will be sent to Trash after being sent.

- If messages from one Personality are being saved in OUT and messages from another Personality are not, chances are that one or all of your Personalities are using a default Stationery (see the Personality Extras Settings panel on Mac, the Generic Properties tab of the Personality on Windows). If you are using a Stationery, be sure the Stationery has the "Keep Copies" button pressed. Stationery settings override the global setting, so messages sent using a Stationery that has the "Keep Copies" button not pressed will be sent to Trash after being sent instead of remaining in the Out Mailbox.


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