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How does Eudora handle IMAP attachments (Macintosh)?

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Be sure to check out our IMAP FAQ for additional IMAP Frequently Asked Questions.

In short, IMAP attachments always end up in the Attachments folder, along with all other POP attachments.

When you fully download an IMAP message with all of its attachments via the "Fetch Attachments" command in the server options menu, via a resync with the "Fetch attachments with message" setting enabled, or by opening an IMAP message with the "Fetch Everything on Message Open" (IMAP panel, Esoteric Settings) set, the attachments are fetched and placed into your standard Attachments directory.

If you've partially downloaded an IMAP message with attachments, you'll see the attachments at the end of the message with small down arrows next to them. While the message itself has been fetched, the attachments themselves have not been and remain on the server. Eudora places a "stub file" inside the "IMAP" folder in your settings folder to keep track of this remote attachment. The stub file is completely useless if moved or opened, it's something only Eudora can make sense of, and is hidden from the user. Once you click on the attachment, or choose "Fetch Attachments" from the server options menu, the attachment is downloaded and saved into your standard Attachments directory.

When working with IMAP messages in IMAP mailboxes, note that the attachments are treated as cache items as long as they have not been moved by the user. That is, if you delete an IMAP message (either via the Delete command or transferring the message to another folder when Fancy Trash Mode is enabled, or when the message is removed during a resync), the attachments are also deleted if they have not been moved. Fancy Trash Mode can be turned on from the Personality Extras settings screen, "Use a trash mailbox on the IMAP server". This setting is on by default.

When deleting IMAP messages, the attachments are also deleted as long as they are still in the Attachments folder, and Settings:Attachments:Trash Attachments With Messages is checked. Another note on stub files: When the user specifies an Attachment folder on a different volume than the Eudora Setting file, IMAP attachment stubs are saved within a folder named "IMAP" or possible "IMAP Attachments" inside the user-specified attachment folder. These are not intended to be manipulated by the user in any way.



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