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Stuffit Space Saver 5.0 Incompatibility

Document ID: 1576HQ

If you have SpaceSaver 5.0 installed, you may experience corrupt mailboxes, address books, and filters. Stuffit SpaceSaver version 5.0 has a bug that makes it incompatible with Eudora. If you have already installed SpaceSaver 5.0, you need to download the StuffIt SpaceSaver 5.0.1 Updater (148KB) from Aladdin Systems


However, SpaceSaver 5.0.1 still has the bug that causes a hang if an application tries to use Navigation Services. This can be turned off in Eudora Pro 4.2.1 by typing the following into any new message in Eudora 4.2.1 and double clicking on it: (<x-eudora-setting:262=y>). Remember, SpaceSaver may cause trouble in some other applications (eg, the Internet control panel).

PLEASE NOTE: Aladdin Systems does not recommend that you use Stuffit Space Saver with OS 8 or later. For more information, visit



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