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WINMAIL.DAT attachment to messages

Document ID: 1552HQ


Messages come in with an attached file "WINMAIL.DAT" or "AT00001.DAT" and neither Eudora nor any other program can open it.


Eudora doesn't open attachments. Eudora just passes them to the program that is registered with Windows to open that type of attachment (eg. Eudora asks Word to open .DOC files). Once you receive an attachment it is automatically decoded and stored in your designated Attachment directory. Opening that file is no different from opening a file that was given to you on a floppy disk by a friend--if you don't have the program that originally created that file, you most likely won't be able to open it.

A .DAT file is a data file and many different applications use them. It is unlikely that any one program is registered in Windows with the File Association for .dat; this is why Eudora would not be able to guess what to open this type of file with WINMAIL.DAT is a proprietary Outlook file that allows Outlook users to send Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF) information (see Microsoft's technical support article at This TNEF information is unopenable and irrelevant outside of Outlook.


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