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Messages written to people in my domain bounce with the error that a "Mail Loop Exisits".

Here's why it happens (you can skip the explanation and go directly to the solution below if you like):

Let's pretend your domain is and that your mail server is

If I try to send a message to a user in your domain, my mail server looks up the DNS records for your domain ( . My server looks for MX records for your domain, if they exist. My server connects to the machine with the highest priority (lowest preference) MX record (i.e., and attempts to deliver the mail. By default, your EIMS server knows it is hosting the "" domain, because the IP of your machine resolves to "", but EIMS has no way to know it should also host "".

When my server connects to "" to deliver the message. Your server happily accepts the message, but since it does not host the "" domain, it proceeds to look up the MX records as described above. The MX records say it should connect to itself to deliver the mail for the "" domain. This is the mail loop - the DNS records say to connect to itself to deliver mail for a domain your server does not host.


EIMS needs to know it is hosting the domain the message is addressed to. Log into your server with EIMS Admin and open the domains window (Command-1). You likely have a domain called "". Double-click that domain. Click the disclosure triangle (above the "U" in the word "Users") so that the "Domain aliases" are visible. Type your domain name ( in the space to the left of the "Add" button, then click "Add". You may also wish to set "" to be the "Primary" and "Address" domain. Please see the manual for explanation of this.



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