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Mapping f-keys to toolbar buittons (Mac)

Document ID: 1508HQ


How do I map the F-keys to toolbar buttons?


To map the F1 through F15 keys on the keyboard, be sure that the ""Map function keys to buttons" checkbox is checked. Go to Special: Settings: Toolbar: and check this box.

Checking "Show function key labels" as well can make it easier to determine which F-Key activates which button. The toolbar buttons can be rearranged by holding the COMMAND key down while dragging the button.

If the F-keys do not work after enabling the option (above), some other application or extension (Quickeys for example) may be intercepting the keystrokes, prohibiting Eudora from receiving the keypress. This application or Extension conflict will need to be eliminated before Eudora will be able to properly map the keys.



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