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How to create Personalities in Eudora (Win)

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Can Eudora manage more than one email address to send and receive email?


Yes, Eudora can access up to 99 different email accounts.

To see a step-by-step Tutorial including screen shots, go to

To access another mail account in Eudora, you can set up a personality. To do this:.

    1. Go to Tools, Personalities.

    2. Move your cursor to the personality window, using your right mouse button, right click to get a menu and select "New".

    3. In the "New Account Wizard" dialog box, type a personality name to identify this account and click "Next".

    4. Select "Create a brand new email account" and select "Next".

    5. Enter the name you want to appear in the "From:" field of your outgoing messages and click "Next".

    6. Enter the appropriate email address for this account and click "Next".

    7. Verify that the login name is correct and click "Next".

    Note: In most cases the login name will already be filled in and will not need to be modified. Verify your login name with your ISP.

    8. Enter the name of the incoming mail server and the type of account and click "Next".

    Note: In most cases you would select POP, however, you can check with your Internet Service Provider to see if they support IMAP.

    9. Enter the name of the outgoing (SMTP) mail server and select "Next".

    10. Congratulations! Click on "Finish".

Now whenever you check for email, Eudora will automatically check that account as well..

Note: Messages from extra personalities will go into the IN mailbox by default. You can, however, set up a filter to transfer messages to designated mailboxes that you create. Also, note that each personality has it's own account settings. From the personalities box, right click on the new personality and select properties. This will allow you to modify the options for the individual personality.


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