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Installing upgrades over older versions (Windows)

Document ID: 1463HQ

If you have an older version of Eudora Light or Eudora Pro, you can install an upgrade or newer version over the old versions without losing any of your settings, mailboxes, address books, signature files, or other data. Install the upgrade or newer version into the folder where your old version resides.

1. Download the new installer. Run it.

2. Make certain that you install Eudora into the exact same directory that your old Eudora resides. The Eudora installer will look on your hard drive and install into the folder it thinks is your Eudora directory.

3. Launch Eudora from the shortcut that it created on your desktop - or from Start: Programs: Eudora.

If you launch your new Eudora application and it doesn't immediately find your old mail, address books, and settings - check the following things.

*Did you start up Eudora from an old shortcut? Try launching Eudora directly from the Start Menu. Or go through My Computer and launch the program directly from the executable.

*Go to Start: Find: Files or Folders and do a search on your computer for the file Eudora.ini. Any files that appear will be in directories that Eudora was installed into. Try re-installing Eudora again, but this time into the directories that eudora.ini was found in.


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