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Address book format

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The following is the format for the NNDBASE.TXT file. You can use this to make changes to the file (with Eudora closed) or you can create other text files with this format and place them in the Nickname subdirectory of Eudora

alias nickname email1, email2, email3

note nickname <name:name><address:street address>

The italicized information above must be replaced with the appropriate data. The non-italicized information should appear in the file as it does above.

Eudora 4.x provides import functionality from Eudora, Outlook Express, Outlook 98 (not 97), and Netscape 4.0x (not 4.5 or later). Eudora will detect these programs when creating a new personality and import from them. If it does not detect these programs, you can reinstall the other mail program to try to restore missing components, upgrade or downgrade your other mail program to supported versions for importing, or you can go to for a shareware address book converter.

If you wish to use the address book from another mail program, it must be in plain ASCII text format, in the exact format that is described above.

You can place a file of the Eudora nickname-file format into the Eudora sub folder called "nickname". The file must have a .txt extension. When you start Eudora, it will see the extra address book. If Eudora does not see it, the format is incorrect.

If you modify any address book TXT file, delete the corresponding .TOC file. For example, if you modify the "nndbase.txt" file, then delete the "nndbase.toc" file. Eudora will create a new one when it opens the .txt file.


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