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Checking Mail: Password supplied is incorrect.

Document ID: 1273HQ


When trying to check for mail, you get an error message saying that "the password supplied for [Your user name] is incorrect."


This is an error message coming from the mail server - not Eudora. Check the following things-

  1. Verify that your settings are correct as entered in the Getting Started window (Special menu, Settings option, Getting Started).

  2. Make sure the account address is complete and correct and pay special attention to the "Username" and "Mail Server" fields. Make sure they're spelled correctly.

  3. Verify that you are entering your account password correctly, paying close attention to upper and lower case letters (make sure the Caps Lock key is off).

Contact your Internet Service Provider or your university/company's Eudora support coordinator if the problem persists. Do not call Eudora tech support -- we cannot tell you what your password is.

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