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error "503, need RCPT"

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I get the error "503, Need RCPT"


In most cases, the cause of the problem is a blank nickname/address book entry. If you are using a nickname or address book entry to address this message, make sure it has a valid Internet address associated with it. In Eudora version 3.x or later, the Internet address should be in the "Address(es)" area, the right-hand side of the Address Book window. In earlier versions of Eudora, the Internet address should be in the address field of the Nicknames window. If you're positive that there's no nickname/address book entry associated with what you're putting in the To:, Cc:, and Bcc: fields of your message, double-check the Internet addresses in those fields. Make sure they're valid Internet addresses.

Note: If the first message queued in your Out mailbox is having trouble being sent, none of the messages after it can be sent either. To troubleshoot this problem, sort your Out mailbox by date (click on the word "Date" at the top of the mailbox). Then look carefully at the first message with a Q next to it in the listing; that's where the problem addresses are.



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