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Specifying a web browser in Mac Eudora

Document ID: 1204HQ


How do I assign a web browser in Eudora (Macintosh)?


Hold down the Option key, and double-click on an active URL link in a message. You'll see a dialog box that asks you to select an application to do http (or whatever type of URL you are clicking). Browse through your hard drive to find your favorite web browser and double-click its application. Eudora will remember thereafter to use that web browser to open URL's. If, in the future, you want to change the web browser, just option-double-click on an active URL to get the dialog box again.

With Eudora 6.0 on Mac OS 10.1 - 10.2.8, Eudora uses OS default browser (Set in the System Preferences) by default and that the option-click a URL method now only works if you have the following setting set (to 'y'):

<x-eudora-setting:360> When checked, Eudora will use its own URL helper lists instead of the system ones (OS X only).

If you are running Panther (10.3) you can set the default browser by launching Safari. Then go to Preferences->General->Default Web Browser and choose what you wish to use as the Default browser for 10.3.


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