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Mailto Software for Eudora

NOTE: if you have Eudora Pro for Windows 3.0 or later, you don't need the Mailto software; instead, use these instructions on setting up Eudora to intercept mailto: URLs on web pages.

For Windows: Mailto Watcher lets you automatically open a Eudora message when you use a "mailto" URL in Netscape.

When you see an active e-mail address in Netscape, it probably has a mailto URL behind it. That lets you click on the address to automatically open an e-mail client and create a new mail message with the correct address. With Mailto Watcher, Eudora is opened (if necessary), and a new composition window is created with the e-mail address placed in the To field.

For Macintosh:

Eudora Pro 3.1 or later:
If you're using Eudora Pro for Macintosh version 3.1 or later, download this applescript (~1k) and run it. A window will open; simply follow the path to your local Netscape application and double click. Netscape will now use Eudora when you click on a mailto link.

Eudora Pro 2.x and 3.0.x
Eudora mailto helper (d5) is a slight modification of Eudora GURL handler that works with Eudora Pro 2.x and 3.0.x, that
  • Does about the same thing as Eudora GURL handler
  • Can be registered with netscape ( and internet explorer?) for the mailto protocol
  • Has the ability to handle multiple mail settings (e.g. for shared macs) with or without the scriptable Finder.
Eudora mailto helper was written by Christian Huldt.

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Dialup Scripts

If you are using a serial dialup connection, you need a dialup script to log into your service provider's mail server. You can write a script yourself, or check our ftp site's dialup directories, where we have a number of Windows and Macintosh login scripts for various service providers.

NOTE: Before you embark on writing scripts, be sure you need them. A serial dialup connection means that you don't have SLIP or PPP connectivity. If you can use a web browser with your account, for example, you don't have a serial dialup connection, and you don't need scripts.


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