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What is Qpopper?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Qpopper 3.1 Now Available

Current Qpopper Release


Mirror FTP sites

Feedback, Bug Reports, Mailing Lists

Installation and Documentation

Submitting Patches


License and Legal Information

The README file

Qpopper on Linux

Security Vulnerability


Coding Standards

Please follow these guidelines when submitting patches

  • Use four spaces for each indentation level.  Do not use tabs.
  • Be consistent in brace location with the rest of the file.  Most files use:
    if ( foo ) {
    Some files use:
    if ( foo )
    There may be a few files that use:
    if ( foo )
  • Do not double-indent (do not indent both both the brace and the enclosed statements).
  • Avoid embedded assignments.
  • Use lots of white space, especially around operators, parenthesis, and other symbols.
  • Use DEBUG_LOGx() calls to note returned values and decisions, especially when there might otherwise be uncertainty as to why something did or did not happen.
  • Use pop_log() calls to note important information.

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