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You guys clearly knock MS Outlook out of the box... At first, I though it was just these features I desired as a 'former' Outlook user. But the flexibility of the program, and the user friendly interface has shown I was missing so much more. It's no longer a chore to keep my email organized, it's fun.
- NC

I have been using Eudora for some months now, and I'm really satisfied, but the reason I'm writing to you is to congratulate you on the excellent support you have in form of the knowledge database. I have had 2 issues with my email (both caused by McAfee security), and I've easily found the solution in your database. Thanks!
- KG

Eudora 7 is a solid, reliable and, thanks to the new indexed search, very complete email client. I am urging anybody to switch to Eudora.
- RB

The most remarkable feature of Eudora 7 is the new Ultra -Fast Search capability. It's able to scan hundreds of thousands of e-mail messages and find whatever keyword you designate with astonishing speed.
- CW

Oh MY GOODNESS!!! The SEARCH!!!!!!!!!!

I use the search feature in Eudora between 15 and 20 times per day, sometimes searching 29 mailboxes with as many as 18k mails in them with between 3 and 5 search criteria..used to take up to 3 minutes to get a result. Now it's less than ONE SECOND!!!

I have been a big fan of Eudora since I started buying it in '97, but I've never seen an improvement this impressive.
- DF

The fact is, of all the email programs I've ever used, GUI and command-line both, Eudora is *hands down* the best. There are few categories of software where such a clear winner exists, but I can say with confidence that email programs is one.
- TH

This is the first installment of Eudora News I've received, and I think it's great! It's nicely formatted, easy to navigate and very informative. I did encounter the ScamWatch pop-up just the other day, and I wasn't aware of the feature previously. BTW, Eudora represents the best $40 I ever spent. It's a delight to watch all that junk mail (90% of may mail) disappear into the bit bucket.
- TL

This week I downloaded a new version of my email program. It recognized the fraudulent link and warned me that it was not a Paypal website. I was very impressed with my Eudora. If you have not used Eudora it may be time to check it out.

You can download a free version with ads or buy it. For me, this a very good deal and worth every penny of the 49.95 subscription fee.
- Flylady

After testing several anti-spam software programmes over a period of some months and having achieved not particularly good results I decided to upgrade to Eudora 6.1.

Without any prior input, and on first use, the Junk feature removed more than 80% of the spam. I have eight mail boxes and on average download five to six hundred email a day. After a couple of weeks of use I am now seeing ninety five percent plus of incoming spam being detected.

What I like about Eudora is the ease of use. Most if not all of the third party programmes I tested needed considerable time and attention to train them. Even then the percentage of spam detected was never more than sixty to sixty five percent.

I have always used Eudora. I think that it is far superior to the ever troublesome Outlook. I am now recommending clients to test Eudora as the likely solution to their own ever increasing and time wasting problems with spam.
- PM

Eudora 6... The pleasure of sitting down to read a few real e-mail messages without having to wade through a hundred prescription drug offers is a wonderful thing.
- JG

I have used Eudora forever, but I have never been happier that I didn't switch to Outlook than I am today. I downloaded 6.0 with the Spamwatch feature and it is really working. I can't tell you how much time I wasted dealing with hundreds of junk emails a day - to say nothing the hideous content I was subjected to in order to create filters. Your "junk" filter is catching it all at this time. I'm thrilled! Thank you!
- KD

Have been a faithful Eudora subscriber for many years, and decided to upgrade to 6.0 after learning about the new spam filter. Even though my service provider claims to filter spam, the number of spam email that got through to my in-box was astronomical. But I am no longer bothered by these, thanks to this new version. The most efficient filtering software I've found. Many, many thanks!
- SH

I cannot say enough in praise of your 'smart' spam filtering in Version 6. With several hundred e-mails arriving daily, the bulk of which is spam, I find the Eudora filtering so amazingly accurate that I rarely find mistakes, one way or the other.
- JT

I have been impressed with how well this works. Now I can't live without it...
- MacInTouch forum

I LOVE Eudora 6! It's always been a great tool, but the addition of Junk Mail filtering in 6.0 is really wonderful.
- DC

I avoided spam filters for the longest time, believing that they couldn't possibly be very efficient. With Eudora 6 it was time to give it a try. It is fantastic! The accuracy has been between 98 and 99%, on 418 spam messages in 5 days!
- LW

I'm so impressed and confident in it that if Qualcomm rolled out a system to write my replies to email, I'd give it a shot...
- WK

Your new JUNK filter is the best thing for me since sliced bread! For every poor soul that complains to me about the sheer amount of Spam they're getting I send them your way. I've deleted the over 100 individual Spam filters I'd configured. I can honestly say that the junk filter catches a solid 99% of the Spam I've been plagued with.

I guess what I'm trying to say is Thank You. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'd send a 100 thank you's, but that would be Spam.
- AW

Upgraded to 6. WOW! By default, it's built in SpamWatch is far, far more effective than Spam Assassin.
- MacInTouch forum

I've been using Eudora for years now and I am really impressed with the new Junk feature on 6.0. I congratulate you on your excellent piece of software and might I also applaud the pricing strategy.

As you know, a lot of software is so expensive that the only realistic way for the non-corporate user to get hold of it is via underground sources. I am happy to purchase Eudora because the price is much more in line with what I am prepared to pay for a wonderfully functional application. Many companies could learn a lot from you guys.
- SW

I just have to tell someone that Qualcomm REALLY got it right with the "Junk" spam filter feature... With the new "junk" feature, I have found that virtually ALL the spam I receive is being filtered out. With over 2 days of experience now, I've only had to "unjunk" proper email twice and "junk" some spam not picked up by the feature less than a handful of times. And I believe the "learning" feature will improve that already wonderful ratio!
- DB

Eudora 6 is a fantastic piece of software... I receive over 50 junk messages a day and somehow Eudora magically filters them into the folder without me having to check. Keep up the good work guys, it is much appreciated, Eudora really is a superb program.
- JF

Spam seems to have just exploded in the last few months and I just wanted to tell you your v.6 does an amazing job of junking the stuff. Thanks. Email is once again viable for business communications. Now if I could implement something along the lines of spamwatch for the fax machine things would be perfect.
- DR

This new feature is absolutely fantastic and a vast improvement to my attempt at filtering spam in the past. Keep up the good work. Eudora is the best!
- NC

I cannot believe how well you filter spam. I tried a bunch of blockers but they were of little or no help. A very happy customer.
- JC


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