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Review of Eudora Pro 6
© 2003 by Kurt von Behrmann. All Rights Reserved.

E-mail has always seemed like a world dominated by just a few applications. However, that has never been true. There have always been alternatives to the big names in e-mail like Microsoft's Outlook and the more frequently used Outlook Express. If you are tired of those e-mail clients, Eudora definitely has you in mind.

It seems like ages have passed since the last incarnation of Eudora. With the latest version, Eudora has focused time and attention on Spam Control, improved filtering and content concentration. As in previous versions, Eudora 6 comes in three flavors. There is the full featured version, which includes ads that is totally free. The second is a free version minus the advertisements and some of the features. Then there is the full paid version that runs from $39.95 to $49.95, depending on if you are upgrading from a previous version, that includes everything.

Naturally, the biggest features are saved for the Pro paid version. The new SpamWatch is a feature that is only available in the paid version. What this function does is sort through in coming mail and offers users the ability to customize how to filter mail. There is even customization that allows you to even utilize plug-ins that can make the process even easier. This feature is present, although in a slightly different manner, in Outlook Express and Outlook. This represents a first time for it to appear in Eudora, and is only available in the Paid mode.

With junk e-mail becoming more common and more annoying, spam blocking is always an issue. The convenience of having it built in has some obvious advantages.

Now for a rundown on what is new and available to all includes contextual filing, format painting, mailbox drawing (only available in Mac OS X) as well as brand new toolbar icons.

In many respects, Eudora Pro 6 resembles previous versions of the application. Certainly the icons look better, and the layout and arrangement is close enough to older versions that those already familiar with the program should have no problem adjusting to the new enhanced features. Minus virus protection, Eudora does not allow applications to run in your e-mail without your approval. With the recent rash of viruses that take advantage of weaknesses in Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Eudora does provide another layer of protection being that it is not targeted by virus writers as often. It is a point that could add enhanced value to this client.

One interesting feature with Eudora is the ESP, short for Eudora File Sharing Protocol. This is a peer to peer file sharing system that allows you to select those you wish to share files with minus the fear of sharing with users you do not know. It is a nice enhancement, and it makes sense to incorporate this feature into an e-mail client


With the release of Eudora 6, end users now have another way to send email, and some compelling features that may make this long standing application worth a second look. For those fully rooted in Microsoft's product, it does take a bit of time figuring out where everything is located. On the plus side, the feature improvements, spam filtering, ESP and other nice touches like the hard drive file browser and other convenience touches, there is much to recommend this e-mail client. If you are totally frustrated with the e-mail client that shipped with your PC, or want a familiar relatively easy to use program, Eudora is a sure alternative


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