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Best Communication Product

Eudora has the power to handle tens, even hundreds, of thousands of email messages for multiple accounts, and it has been doing so on the Mac for years. It's the only email application that made any waves in our poll, and readers gave it good marks for reliability...

Eudora 6's new spam filtering can be quite helpful, and it has excellent search capabilities, detailed configuration control, and a vast range of features...

Competing with free and low-cost alternatives, Qualcomm offers an unusual approach to licensing, in which you can choose a free, lower-function version of the application; a free ad-supported version with more features; or a $49.95 license for the current version with all the bells and whistles and one year of updates.

Comments from the poll:

* Reliability, ease of use and sheer feature power makes this the e-mail program of choice for anyone who runs a business.

* It's simple, consistent, super fast, fast searching, stable and it does what I want day in, day out, with no issues. Mundane to choose an e-mail program, but it's the truth.

* I've used it on every Mac I've owned since 1994. Every day, every time, it works flawlessly. I haven't lost a single piece of mail archived since then. One can use it at many levels of expertise; it's good for the beginner, and good for the expert who can tune it to a high level of functionality. Eudora is rock-solid. Eudora is a consistently hard worker that doesn't get any time in the media spotlight, because it doesn't need it. It simply works.


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