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The Kleber Report on Digital Publishing, Issue 8.5 September/October 2003

Reviews Eudora Email 6.0 (MAC/WIN)
Eudora Email 6.0 greatly extends the usefulness of this venerable champion of the e-mail world. Although it is available for both the Macintosh and PC, this review covers only the Macintosh version.

Of greatest interest, and most utility, is the new SpamWatch feature, which is based on work done by Paul Graham SpamWatch can significantly reduce the amount of unwanted e-mail that tends to clog most user's inboxes. Using a user-defined slider control, the user can set the sensitivity of SpamWatch to a number (0 - 100), which serves as the upper limit of a defined spam value that is assigned to every message as it passes through the spam filter. Messages that are marked as spam are filtered into the Junk mailbox, where their spam scores are also listed. Users can train SpamWatch by marking any legitimate messages that appear in the Junk mailbox as "Not Junk" from the Message menu. Once marked these senders are added to the user's Address Book, shielding them from future spam inspection. Unwanted messages that appear in the In mailbox can be identified as spam, and moved to the Junk mailbox by selecting "Junk" from the Message menu, or, if activated in Settings, using Command-J for Junk. Real spam is deleted after a user-defined number of days.

The new Content Concentrator groups threaded messages so that the entire thread can be viewed in the preview pane of the active mailbox. The feature removes the redundant headers and text, making it easier to view the progression of messages. Messages can be grouped either by sender or by subject. The feature is activated by selecting and highlighting the message, pressing the Option key, and clicking on the message.

The Mailbox Drawer feature, which is exclusive to Mac OS 10.2 or greater, appears as a small icon of a drawer in the far right corner of a mailbox. Clicking on the icon opens a drawer which shows a listing of all of the user's mailboxes and folders. The list can be used to open another folder or mailbox, or to move messages between mailboxes.

The SMTP Relay feature allows the user to send all of their mail through their primary Internet Service Provider's (ISP) server. This is useful if an individual has multiple e-mail accounts, and those ISP's do not allow the sending of mail unless it is through their SMTP server.

The new Contextual Filing feature enables the user to quickly file a message that contains, in the header or text, the name of the target mailbox. If, for example, the word "vacation" appears in the message, and the user has a mailbox named "vacation," they can highlight the word, hold Control and click the word, and be presented with a contextual menu that lists the name of the mailbox, which they then select.

Eudora 6.0 also features a new set of icons which gives the program an updated look. All in all this new version provides significant productivity enhancers. The SpamWatch feature alone is worth the price of the software. The program is available in three formats: Light mode, with a small set of features, no ad windows, no tech support, but free; Sponsored mode, with the same features as the Paid mode (except SpamWatch), but with an ad window and up to three sponsored toolbar links, and no technical support; and Paid mode, with all features enabled, including SpamWatch, access to person-to-person technical support, and one year of upgrades. $49.95

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