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Qualcomm releases Eudora 6.0 with SpamWatch
Wednesday, September 3, 2003 @ 7:00pm

Qualcomm has released Eudora 6.0, a new upgrade to the popular email client for both Mac OS 9/X. Version 6.0 features SpamWatch to filter spam into a predetermined "Junk" mail box; a new "content concentrator" to locate and organize email threads; contextual filing options based on custom keywords; a new mailbox drawer; and new toolbar icons. Paid mode ($50) includes SpamWatch, tech support, and 12 months of upgrades. Sponsored mode features an ad window and 3 sponsored toolbar links, while the Light mode, with limited features, is free. Upgrades are $40. [Classic, OSX]

Reader reaction
Found 4 comments

First post! - Reader 123889
9/3/03, 7:19 pm EDT
Switching back to Eudora from Apple Mail, it's like putting on a pair of worn, comfortable shoes. The features, the power come at a price (an ugly interface - I don't like the new color icons as well as the bland/vanilla ones). But, the Junk Mail filter works well...

Question? - Reader 123900
9/3/03, 9:03 pm EDT
Does it come with witty and derogatory remarks about Apple hidden in the program? I actually found that funny. Eudora has been and will be my first choice for email. Simple, straightforward and awesome filtering.
Nice job Qualcomm!

Upgrade pricing - Reader 123908
9/3/03, 10:20 pm EDT
Where is this $10 upgrade?

I've used Eudora since v - Reader 123917
9/4/03, 12:15 am EDT
I'll never switch.


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