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Eudora2go is the first mobile email application that offers the convenience of push email, within a simple, all-in-one package that is easy to download and configure. By combining an efficient client with a robust hosted mail service, Eudora2go can control the entire mail process and thereby deliver a consistent and user friendly email experience.
David Ferris
President of Ferris Research

With today's busy lifestyles, access to email while on the go is a must have for many of our customers. The availability of the Eudora2go e-mail suite on Get It Now provides a new service offering for e-mail, with innovative functionality like SMS-preview features that make the service fast and easy to use.
Jim Straight
Vice President of Wireless Data and
Multimedia Services for Verizon Wireless

Eudora2go fills a gap in the market. Other vendors in that space are very actively looking to develop or acquire products that complement the more monolithic e-mail accessibility models. Mid-sized enterprises are interested in more lightweight products. It hits at the intersection between a real serious need and a technology gap.
William Hurley
Analyst with Enterprise Strategies Group


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