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Eudora2go™ is the end-to-end, wireless email solution that allows you to stay connected with all your email accounts - anywhere.

Key Features and Benefits:

Allows you a sneak peak at your priority messages, then read or ignore, it's your call.

Push Technology
PreMail's push technology means you don't have to retrieve your email - the mail you select finds you. A lot or a little, it's your call.
Hosted mail server provides 100 MB of email storage.

Email Address
No need to change your email address.

Other Accounts
Access your Gmail, Yahoo or other accounts.

AntiSpam, Antivirus
Advanced protection from spam and viruses.

Account Types
Supports any existing email account, POP3, IMAP or Web mail with the security of SSL. Works with Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo!, Gmail, NetZero, RoadRunner, Earthlink, Mindspring, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc.

Handsets & Network Compatibility
Selection of compatible devices and networks continues to grow. Check here for the latest availability.

PreMail notification

  • See important senders without having to download!
  • Get the priority senders via SMS

Main menu

  • Read the rest of your mail on your schedule


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