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Add the Junk and Not Junk icons to the toolbar for convenient access to the Junk commands:

Junk and Not Junk icons

Here's How! Mac Eudora:

1. Hold down the Command key (Apple icon on your keyboard), then move the cursor over the Eudora toolbar between 2 buttons, notice the arrow shown below. Click and it will allow you to add a new button.
Command click between the buttons

2. The dialog window will ask you to "choose any menu item."
A dialog window appears.

3. Click on the Message menu, and drag-down to select the Junk command.
Choose Message: Junk:

4. The Junk command appears on your toolbar, notice the arrow shown below.
The Junk button is on your toolbar

Use the same method to add the Not Junk icon to the toolbar.

To see more about customizing your toolbar, visit

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