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Since September 2003, Eudora 6.0 has been making news and getting rave testimonials about the automatic junk filtering feature, SpamWatch. Eudora 6.1 builds on that success with SpamWatch Statistics. Users can track exactly how much incoming email is junk and how accurately SpamWatch is sorting that mail. More about SpamWatch Statistics...

SpamWatch is available only to Paid mode users.

Setting Up SpamWatch:
Initiating SpamWatch is as simple as saying "yes" to the invitation to use Eudora's Junk mailbox during Eudora 6.x or 7 installation.

During installation, just click on YES to the invite to use Eudora's Junk mailbox.

Training SpamWatch:
With unwanted mail selected, a simple click on the "Junk" command in the Message menu trains Eudora that the selected mail is Junk. SpamWatch then adds the corresponding words to its list of criteria that are known to appear in spam. Conversely, wanted email that ends up the in the Junk mailbox can be deemed "Not Junk" through the same menu and SpamWatch will learn that this is "wanted mail".

Spammers continually learn new ways to get around any spam-block, so training is essential. With training, Eudora's SpamWatch grows to keep Junk mail quarantined as spammers experiment with new code breaking tricks.

Add the Junk and Not Junk icons to the toolbar for convenient access to the Junk commands:

Junk and Not Junk icons

Here's How! Windows (Click here for Mac):

1. Right click anywhere on the Toolbar to display a drop-down menu.
From the menu, choose Customize:

Right click and choose Customize

2. In the Customize dialog window, under Categories, choose Message.
Drag the Junk and Not Junk icons to the toolbar:

Choose Message, then drag the Junk and Not Junk icons to the toolbar

The Junk and Not Junk icons will now be seen in the toolbar. In Eudora for Windows, the mouse-over text labels the toolbar commands "Mark as Junk" and "Mark as Not Junk".

[Customizing the toolbar is slightly different for the Mac OS.]

SpamWatch Statistics:
See how well SpamWatch is doing. With junk mail statistics, users can total up exactly how much junk they receive. From the Tools menu, the Statistics selection charts and quantifies the nature of a user's email, in this case how much mail is Junk. Statistics was introduced in Eudora 5 and has now been enhanced to include information about incoming Junk mail.

Junk Statistics

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