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Understand and manage your email usage patterns.

Get private, personal and interesting insight into your email usage patterns. See how much time you spend in email, when, and how much you send and receive. Just go to the Tools menu and select Statistics. Eudora starts collecting stats as soon as you install Eudora 5.1 and makes pretty charts of them.

Watch what it tells you about how much time you spend in email. This is a real indicator, because Eudora does not count all the time you have the program open. It just counts when you're active and stops counting time when there has been no keyboard use or mouse movement for 60 seconds.

See when you get the most email (no wonder you feel like you can't get anything done Monday morning).

We keep saying everyone is getting more and more email. We're pretty sure you think that too. Now you'll know and be able to prove it.

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