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Frequently asked questions about Eudora Sharing Protocol.

Q: What is ESP?
A: ESP stands for Eudora Sharing Protocol. This feature lets a group of people share and sync files automatically over email. No IT support or server is required. ESP manages attachments purely on a peer-to-peer basis, using Eudora email as a transport.

Q: What is peer to peer?
A: Peer to peer means that your computer is sharing data directly with other computers, and not relying on a central server.

Q: What is a share group?
A: In ESP, a share group is the group of individuals you've defined, that will be sharing files.

Q: What kinds of files can I share?
A: If you can attach it to an email, you can share it with ESP.

Q: So I'm gonna have random people on the Internet accessing my hard drive?
A: Not if you use Eudora Sharing Protocol. With ESP you decide who to share with by making a list of people that you approve of to share your files.

Q: What is the potential for receiving viruses in ESP?
A: Users should use the same caution on opening an attachment that they would use under normal circumstances. Since you decide who is in your share group, receipt of a deliberately malicious attachment is unlikely. Inadvertent infection can happen, though.

Q: Does everyone in my share group have to use Eudora?
A: No. Non-Eudora users still get the attachments; it's just that those attachments are not managed automatically. And the attachments they send you will not be automatically saved in your share group folder. Think of them as a poor relation who has to get up and walk over to his black and white TV to change the channel - and make fun of them.

Q: Are you going to spam my friends when I put their email addresses in here.
A: No way. You are not entering your friends names into a big Internet database, you are setting up a private mail list that you manage from your desktop.

Q: Do I have to set up a server?
A: Nope, ESP works without a server.

Q: Do I have to sign up for an account?
A: Nope, All you need to do is download Eudora. Everything you need to start sharing files immediately is included — and it's all free.

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