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Eudora Sharing Protocol (ESP)

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Share private folders with friends and associates. Eudora ESP is a new concept in peer-to-peer file sharing that automatically keeps your files in sync.

Eudora Sharing Protocol (ESP) is a true peer-to-peer file sharing technology that lets multiple Eudora users automatically share the same set of files and keep them in sync on their own hard drives. Share pictures and audio files with friends and family, lecture notes with a classmate, or business proposals with clients.

Private folders can be shared by multiple users across Windows® and Macintosh® platforms, without a server. You decide who you want to share with, and what you want to share.

No IT support or server is required. ESP manages files purely on a peer-to-peer basis, using Eudora email as a transport.

Know who you're sharing with! ESP is real peer-to-peer file sharing!
With other peer-to-peer file transfer systems, you have a large group of strangers searching your hard drive for the files they are interested in. You're not really sharing a file, you are just making it available for random individuals on the Internet to access.

With Eudora ESP you have self-defined groups of individuals that have been invited to deliberately share common files - true file sharing, true peer to peer.

Here are some examples of how ESP can be used
A group of reporters might all be working on a large feature with multiple sidebars. With ESP, whenever any member of the group checks his Large Feature folder, he or she will see what other members of the group have written (their notes, etc.) and saved to the folder on their hard drives. When the editor edits the copy as it comes in and pulls the story together, all members of the team will have the same version of the feature in that folder on their hard drives.

Family members might create a shared photo album where all of the most up-to-date photos are kept.

Students might work on a class project together. Class notes, both written and recorded, can be automatically updated. Each group member can instantly and effortlessly share the sections of the project they're responsible for. And if one of them is still up at two in the morning and needs to see someone else's work - there it is in the folder. No desperate calls in the middle of the night.

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